Highburton CE (VC) First School

Spelling and Grammar Evening

Thank you to all who attended the SPaG evening on 1.3.16 facilitated by Paul Lomas, Literacy Consultant at Kirklees.  Parents learned about the new SATs and expectations for SPaG in the curriculum as well as lots of spelling and grammar.  If you missed the evening you can view the PowerPoint here.

Mathematics Information Evening 

On the 21st November we had a Mathematics evening.  Mrs Barstow explained how the Mathematics curriculum had changed and each year group displayed resources and activities that are used in the classroom.  There was the opportunity to pick an informal Mathematics leaflet with games and fun activities that you can play with your children.

Below are the notes from the presentation and the "Maths is Fun" booklet for each year group.

Highburton Maths Evening Powerpoint

Maths booklets


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5