Highburton CE (VC) First School

Religious Education

Highburton First School is a Church of England School. We follow the Kirklees agreed syllabus for RE.  All the children have one hour of R.E each week.  At some point during their time at school they will have the opportunity to visit a mosque and a synagogue as well as All Hallows Church in Kirkburton.


The R.E (Religious Education), PSHE (Personal, social, health, economic) and SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural) displays around school reflect the curriculum work done in the classrooms. This can be in the form of art work, photographs, activity based or simply information.  These displays are changed on a regular basis.

Collective Worship Team

What are our core values?

The children produced a piece of art work to represent one of the core values. 

Friendship - People, Togetherness, Happiness, Inclusion 

Forgiveness - The symbol of the cross 

Aspiration - What do you aspire to? 

Respect - How can we show respect? What does respect mean? 

Hand to Mouth Puppets - The Creation

The whole school enjoyed a visit from the Hand to Mouth puppets and learnt about 'The Story of Creation.' 

Harvest Festival

We celebrated Harvest Festival at All Hallows Church. The whole school walked to church and performed for their parents. The performances included singing hymns, reading poetry, plays about 'The Rainbow People' and dancing and singing to the Harvest Rock and Roll. A special thank you to the collective worship team for leading the service in church. Take a look at the children in action... 

R.E. Area Displays

  • Christian Symbols - What are the Christian Symbols and what do they mean?
  • PSHE - Have you filled a bucket today? How can you make someone else feel good? 
  • All Hallows Church Visits - Year 3 and Year 4 Church visits 
  • Christian Values - What are the Christian Values and what do they mean?
  • The First Christmas - How do we celebrate the birth of Jesus?  
  • The Creation Story - Created by Year 5
  • The Kindness Elves - Watching out for Kindness acts displayed by the children!
  • Throw Kindness around like Confetti - A board to demonstrate acts of Kindness
  • Baptism - celebrations of birth - Created by Year 2 
  • New Years Resolutions - What would you like to achieve next year? 
  • Judaism - a topic covered by Year 3 during the spring term

Anti Bullying Assembly 

As part of Anti-Bullying week, the collective worship team put together an assembly about bullying. The assembly included what bullying is, the different types of bullying, role plays to demonstrate examples of bullying, an acrostic poem and a prayer that they had written. They performed the assembly to the whole school and it was brilliant! Well done Collective Worship Team!