Highburton CE (VC) First School

P.E. and Sport at Highburton First School 

P.E is a valued part of our busy curriculum at Highburton First School and the children take part in many different P.E. events and sporting activities. We have been able to offer the children lots of new and exciting experiences and below you can see just a taste of what the children have been doing! 

Sports Crew 


Hi!  We are the Sports Crew at Highburton First School. We run a lunchtime P.E. session outside. There are different competitions such as skipping, hopping, star jumps, running and throwing and catching. Our role is to develop key stage one's basic skills in P.E. We organise the equipment and record the results of all of the children that take part. The children really enjoy the competitions and we have made certificates for them when they have won. They also earn house points for their house team. All key stage one are included in the competitions. 

Have a look at some of the photographs that we have taken below!" (Year 5 Sports Crew) 


Past Shelley Pyramid Competitions 

As part of the Shelley Pyramid, we take part in lots of competitions.

Some of these competitions can be seen below.

We are having a very successful year with our sports teams. 

Well done everybody!! 


Residential Activities - Cliffe House and Robinwood 

The children in Year 4 went to Cliffe House to take part in lots of outdoor and adventurous activities. They spent the night at Cliffe House and enjoyed taking part in orienteering, developing team work, gaining confidence on the adventure playground and learning new skills. 

Year 5 had a very busy few days at Robinwood. Working in their teams, they took part in many new experiences including zipwire, crate challenge, piranha pool, knights quest and many more....

Both classes were a credit to the school! Their performance and behaviour was outstanding. 

Here are some of the photographs from the residential trips. 


Cliffe House 

PE in our School

Reception - Mrs Smith

Reception have been moving using different parts of their body.  They have been going over, under and through equipment. The children have been jumping and balancing using the gym equipment.

Year 1 - Mrs Briggs

Year 1 have been playing games to increase balance and agility.  They have been completing activities which involve different ways of moving and balancing  exploring points of our bodies.  

Year 2 - Mrs Illingworth

Year 2 have had Huddersfield Giants in this year to coach some Rugby.  The children have been learning how to carry the ball properly, catch the ball and manoeuvre it in 2 hands.

Year 3 - Mrs Glossup

Year 3 are lucky enough to use Scooters during their PE lessons.  The children have been learning how to balance and be safe while ravelling around the playground. They have also been busy completing other activities during their PE lessons.

Year 4 - Mr Penson

The children in Year 4 are having their first taste of Skateboarding.  The children have learned new skills and have virtually mastered the Primo drop.  This has been in our PE curriculum for 3 years now and has been excellent.

Year 5 - Mr Easby

In Year 5 the children also compete skateboarding during the Autumn term.  The children in the other session complete a unit of  Gymnastics which investigates how their bodies move and complete a range of gymnastic movements.


After School Clubs

During the year the children are offered many different after school clubs. Here are the sporting after school clubs we offer during the year:


Fun Fitness


Let’s Grow


CSI Club

Bee keeping