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A massive, heart-felt THANK YOU for all your support and for engaging with our teachers to ensure that the children continue with their learning and enjoyment during these very strange times.

The priority, of course, is to stay safe and follow all the guidelines being issued by the Government.  We want to support you in any way we can and you should contact your teachers on the class email, the office or myself if there is anything we can do to help.  office@highburtonfirst.org.uk     head@highburtonfirst.org.uk

This page has been set up to provide details of additional support available to you and any further school news.  We will continue to be in contact with you via text and email.

With love and best wishes to you all.  Gaynor Leadbeater.         


Department of Education Guidance for Closure of educational settings: information for parents and carers

BEWARE - SCAM ALERTS - click here - updated 15.4.20


Highburton Message - Please Click


Reception and Year One - Risk Assessment from 8th June 2020

Classroom Procedures from 8th June 2020


Reduce the Risk Booklet


Support available from The Bridge Community Hub

The Key Information Sheet for Parents

Outdoor activities.  Maps   Scavenger Hunt    Weather

Kirklees Library Service - join online to access over 20,000 free audio and e-books

Some useful tips and hints to help talk to children about coronavirus.

Lego Challenge

Online safety - For online safety advice please follow the links below:

Online Safety advice

Highburton First School - Online Safety Web page


You tube Scratch coding sessions - Just use scratch online and give it a go!

KS1 - Activity 1

          Activity 2

KS2 - Activity 3

          Activity 4

Coding -  How to make a simple version of Pong on Scratch


PE activities by Caboodle Coaching & Pennine Gymnastics Club - 

Website- https://www.caboodlecoaching.co.uk/

 Log in email- caboodle@penninegymnastics.com

Password-    Caboodle1


PE Challenge -  https://www.sportingage.co.uk/challenge/


Netflex PE - PE Board


EFL Trust - The Joy of Moving - Home school booklet -  This booklet is for all KS2 children.   The booklet has been emailed to KS2 parents to have a go and complete.  There are some fun activities in it so if KS1 would like to give it a try please do. 


Local Walks  -www.kirkburtonparishwalks.co.uk


Music Resource from Musica Kirklees -   https://www.musicakirklees.org/get-singing-kirklees-primary-music-festival-2020



Highburton C.E (VC) First School

40 Years old 


Sing up - Pleases click on this link to access this wonderful website with songs you can sing together.

Mr Booth's Lock-down Triathlon

Click on this link

Congratulations to Mr Booth who against all odds competed and WON his triathlon event.  He commented, breathlessly, that he may require some time off for the next Olympics due to early indications that he will be contacted by the selectors in the near future.


Well done George and Arthur for providing a challenging opposition.  Better luck next time!


Mrs Leadbeater


This weeks winners (1.5.20) for being the most valuable players in their class are:

Isabelle W, Henry NJoe H, Max H, Ethan L, Elijah M, Alfie S, Sam F, Casey W, Bobby M, Isabelle L, Stanley R, Lucas M, Tyrus H and Isla T, .

Well done to you all, you have worked the hardest on TT Rockstars over the past 2 weeks.  The winners for each class will receive their certificate and prize (yes prize) when we return to school.

TT Rockstars Results

 There will be another battle for the another 2 weeks (starting 22.5.20), see if you can be the most valuable player in your class!!


Thank you 

Year 3 Henry VIII Art Challenge

VE Day Buffet Lunch

Reception Message

Year 3 Bake Off Challenge

Thank you letter from the NHS

Frog Life Cycle

We have been talking a lot, in school, about frogs and tadpoles.  So I decided to go on a frogspawn hunt.  Sienna told me to go 'through Bluebell Woods and along the stream, over the bridge to the bottom'. Great instructions, as I came straight to it.  Luckily some more friends were around when I got there and pointed me to the exact place.

Here are the tadpoles emerging...

They have grown so much in less than a week.  I will keep posting updated pictures, so that you can see their progress.  Maybe you could draw the frog life cycle too.

Mrs Kelsey

Well done to Thomas who has created a wonderful Stop Animation

Well done to Eleanor who has produced this fantastic French Guidebook from 1890.  You definitely Star of the Week this week!



If you would like to do some singing there are two of the Easter songs that we have been practising the the link below.  The words and the music are there for your enjoyment. 

Easter Songs - File name Easter songs 

Send us pictures of what you are doing for the slideshow.

Highburton Staying Happy and Healthy.

Please click on the link below to see what everybody has been up to

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