Highburton CE (VC) First School

Welcome to Year 3    

Welcome to Year Three's page.

Here you can find all of the interesting activities that the children have taken part in. 

Mrs Glossop- Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Fisher - Teaching Assistant            Miss Squires - Teaching Assistant


Mr Booth - Assistant Head Teacher  (PPA Teacher)     



Our Classroom

We like our classroom to be bright and colourful! Have a look at some of our displays. 

Le Francais 

During the Spring term we have been learning all about France and how to speak French. Below you can see some of the activities that the children have taken part in such as building the Eiffel Tower, making French flags and turning the classroom into a French cafe. We've had a brilliant half term and will end it on Friday with our class assembly showing the parents all the things that we have learnt! :) 

In P.E. we learnt a French Folk Dance... Take a look at us in action :) 

Rocks and Soils

We have had a busy start to the new term! Our focus has been our 'Rocks' topic. The children have learnt about the various types of rocks, explored what they look like, researched different volcanoes and also tested their strength to answer 'Which rock is the hardest?' 

Here you can see the Year 3 scientists in action! 

All Hallows Church Visit 

Year 3 enjoyed a visit to Church during which time they looked at the special objects in Church, collected ideas to make their own stained glass window and even heard a musician! Below you can see some of the pictures from church and the start of their stained glass windows. 

Making Stone Soup

As part of our PSHE and English curriculum we looked at a book called Stone Soup by Heather Forest. The key moral in the book was about sharing and that it was important that everyone is involved. As a class we looked at the ingredients to make stone soup and  everyone brought in one ingredient each. We had a brilliant morning making the soup and tasting it as well as understanding how we ar all equally valuable and need to contribute to make Year 3 successful. Below you can see us making 'Stone Soup!'