Highburton CE (VC) First School


In Year Five children visit Dobroyd Castle, a Robinwood Outdoor Activity Centre.

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities are one of the six activities that are a statutory part of the Physical Education curriculum. At HighburtonFirstSchool we believe that outdoor and adventurous activities can make a significant contribution to the education of our children. These activities can also make a significant contribution to the development of cross-curricular skills through its use of problem solving methods and decision making. Outdoor and Adventurous Activities can make a significant contribution to pupils’ personal and social education.

Robinwood is a small centre, specifically catering for primary age children. Many of the activities encourage self-confidence and self-reliance as well as activities that require pupils to work as a team and value the contribution of others. Children are required to work co-operatively, communicate effectively, and review and reflect on their actions. Being away from home gives the children the opportunity to test their resilience and perseverance and do activities they would not normally do. We find that the children learn to be independent and less reliant on adults as it is an expectation they will have to everything for themselves.

The children soon settle into the routine and embrace the spirit of adventure, recognise apparent risk and gain self-belief and pride that they have achieved something new for themselves.

Over the three days the children completed many different actvities.  Below are some pictures and videos showing how much fun and enjoyment the children had during their time at Robinwood.

The Giant Swing

If you want to see Mr Booth getting soaked, click on the video below!