Highburton CE (VC) First School

P.E. and Sport at Highburton First School 

P.E is a valued part of our busy curriculum at Highburton First School and the children take part in many different P.E. events and sporting activities. We have been able to offer the children lots of new and exciting experiences and below you can see just a taste of what the children have been doing! 

Sports Crew 2017 


Hi!  We are the Sports Crew at Highburton First School. We run a lunchtime P.E. session outside. There are different competitions such as skipping, hopping, star jumps, running and throwing and catching. Our role is to develop key stage one's basic skills in P.E. We organise the equipment and record the results of all of the children that take part. The children really enjoy the competitions and we have made certificates for them when they have won. They also earn house points for their house team. All key stage one are included in the competitions. 

Have a look at some of the photographs that we have taken below!" (Year 5 Sports Crew) 


Shelley Pyramid Competitions 

As part of the Shelley Pyramid, we take part in lots of competitions.

Some of these competitions and the results can be seen below.

We are having a very successful year with our sports teams. 

Well done everybody!! 


Year 4 and 5 Cross Country (September 2016) - Children qualified for the next stage and included a first and third in the Boy’s Yr5 race. 

Year 2 and 3 Cross Country Event (September 2016) Lots of second and third places!

Year 5 South Kirklees Cross Country Event at Newsome. (September 2016) All the boys finished in the top 20, including a first place, and now move onto the Kirklees finals.

KS2 Girl’s Football Tournament(October 2016).

YR5 Kirklees Cross Country Finals (October 2016) First place!

KS2 Athletics Competition (November 2016) - We came second! 

Year 5 Gifted and Talented event (February 2017) 

KS2 Football Festival (March 2017) - We won this event! 

KS1 Football Festival (March 2017) – A second place here.

Yr 5 West Yorkshire Cross Country Finals, Temple Newsam (March 2017) Bronze Team prize and an individual second place. 

KS2 Girl’s Football Tournament (March 2017)

KS2 Hockey Festival, Kirkburton (March 2017)

KS2 Boy’s Football B Event (April 2017) Runner’s Up.

Hi 5 Netball (April 2017) - The team finished in second place. 

Reception and Year One Cross Country - Children placed in a number of races. 

Year 3 and 4 Drax Cricket (May 2017) - The children won the tournament!

Year 4 and 5 Tag Rugby event (May 2017) - We finished in 2nd place.

Rounders Competition (June 2017) - Our team came second.


Year 4 and 5 Cross Country (September 2015) - Children qualified for the next stage. 

KS2 Athletics Competition (November 2015) - We came second! 

Year 5 Gifted and Talented event (February 2016) 

KS2 Football Festival (March 2016) - We won this event! 

KS1 Football Festival (March 2016) - We won this event too! 

Hi 5 Netball (March 2016) - The team finished in second place. 

Reception and Year One Cross Country - Children placed in each race. 

Year 3 and 4 Drax Cricket (May 2016) - The children won the tournament!

Year 4 and 5 Tag Rugby event (May 2016) - We finished in 2nd place.

Rounders Competition (June 2016) - Our team came second.  

Residential Activities - Cliffe House and Robinwood 

The children in Year 4 went to Cliffe House to take part in lots of outdoor and adventurous activities. They spent the night at Cliffe House and enjoyed taking part in orienteering, developing team work, gaining confidence on the adventure playground and learning new skills. 

Year 5 had a very busy few days at Robinwood. Working in their teams, they took part in many new experiences including zipwire, crate challenge, piranha pool, knights quest and many more....

Both classes were a credit to the school! Their performance and behaviour was outstanding. 

Here are some of the photographs from the residential trips. 


P.E. in Action 2015 - 2016 

Reception - Mrs Smith 

Reception are participating in many new skills and enjoying their P.E. lessons. In the photographs below the children are learning how to negotiate space as well as move in several different ways. They are having lots of fun during P.E.! 

Year 1 - Mrs Illingworth 

The children in Year 1 are learning lots of new team games like 'duck duck goose.' Here we can see them enjoying their P.E. lesson and developing lots of basic skills such as running, skipping, hopping and jumping. 



Year 2 - Mr Clarke 

Year 2 were engaged in an afternoon of mini-olympics led by the Kirkburton Middle school young leaders. During the afternoon, the children were challenged with developing skills in running, throwing and jumping. All of the children were enthusiastic and tried their best. Well done Year 2! 


Year 3 - Miss Hufton 

The children in Year 3 have been developing skills in throwing and catching. They have learnt how to throw under arm, over arm and how to chest push. Partner work has also been an area of focus for us, during this time the children have practiced throwing a ball and returning the ball by hitting it with a racket. 

Year 4 - Mr Booth 

Year 4 have been taking part in skateboarding lessons. Not only are they thoroughly enjoying something that is different but they are developing skills in balance, agility and co-ordination. The children are showing more confidence every week as they take part in these lessons. Well done Year 4! 


Year 5 - Mrs Scargill 

 One of the roles that the children enjoy in Year 5 is becoming a playleader. They take responsibility for leading games in the playground and encouraging play at break times and lunch times. In order to do this the children have to learn many games and organise resources to lead activities. Here we can see Year 5 taking part in the playleader training with Mrs Hughes. 


After School Clubs - Autumn 2015 

During the year the children are offered many different after school clubs. Here are the sporting after school clubs for the Autumn term. 

  • KS1 Teenie Tennis with Andy 
  • KS1 Olympics Club led by Project Sport 
  • KS2 Dance with Kirsti Larder
  • KS2 Bushcraft led by Project Sport


Highburton First School 2014 - 2015 


Reception Class - Mrs Briggs and Mrs Rogers 

Reception have been learning lots of different dances. We have been moving in different ways in time to music. We had lots of fun! Our favourite dance is ‘The Mexican Beanbag’ and ‘Elephants have Wrinkles’. In Reception, P.E. doesn't just happen indoors, we have been very busy outdoors hopping, skipping, jumping and running. We had to make sure we didn't bump in to other people and we had to change direction and speed when Mrs Rogers showed us different coloured cards.


Year One Class - Miss Hufton

The children in Year One have been taking part in some exciting activities at Shelley College. All of the schools within the Shelley Pyramid were invited to take part in a Multi-skills morning. The children really enjoyed it, they were enthusiastic, polite and listened well to the young leaders. They also had lots of fun - look at the smiles on their faces!! 

Year Two Class - Mrs Barstow 

Year Two have been enjoying learning new skills in orienteering. They have been learning how to read maps, think about directions, work within a group and running around a course. Once they have developed these skills, they need to put them altogether to become great at orienteering! 

Year Three Class - Mrs Illingworth 

Year Three have enjoyed taking part in Bike Ability. Once the children have completed Bike ability Level 1 and been awarded their red badge, they will be able to:

  • Fit their own helmet
  • Carry out a simple bike check
  • Get on their bike, start cycling, then stop and get off
  • Ride their bike using the gears
  • Make their bike go where you want it to, including moving around objects safely
  • Control the bike with one hand
  • Stop quickly if you need to
  • Look all around you when you are riding, including behind, without wobbling!

Year Four Class - Mr Booth 

Year Four and Five have been completing a rhythm and movement unit based on a piece called Connect.  The children created sequences in small groups which they combined to make a sound and dance performance. We all take part in swimming lessons once a week at Scissett swimming baths. 


Year Five Class - Mrs Scargill

Skateboarding is one of the new sports that our children have had the experience of. They have all completed a ten week course learning new skills and gaining confidence in their own ability. A lot of the children are still taking part in skateboarding and it became a new hobby for many of the children. Well done Year 5!! 

After School Clubs

We aim to offer the children a wide variety of different After School Clubs. All of the children are given the opportunity to take part in some kind of club every half term. Bushcraft, Soft Archery, Teenie Tennis, Football and Dance are just some of the examples of clubs on offer. Below you can see some of these clubs in action!